Transform the data centre

Windows Server is a new way of running IT. For the first time, businesses will have the chance to use server software that will revolutionise the way that a company’s infrastructure is handled. Built from the cloud up, Windows Server 2012 offers greater optimisation of existing systems, cost savings, more computing power, better storage and above all greater flexibility to allow CIOs to break out of the four walls of their data centre and transform their organisations

Latest features and video

What is a VLAN? – Advice for Server 2012 administrators

Steve Cassidy

The way that Windows Server 2012 deals with VLANs offers a range of new options to system administrators

How the enterprise is set to be transformed by CloudOS

Maxwell Cooter

CloudOS is a powerful combination of products that's set to transform the way enterprises will work in future

Windows 8 - how it can make a sysadmin's life easier

Steve Cassidy

There are plenty of nay-sayers who dismiss the idea of Windows 8 in the enterprise but there are many advantages to its adoption

Cloud-bursting in Windows Server 2012

Ian Murphy

There's plenty of talk of the advantages of cloud bursting but what does it mean for the sysadmin?

Extensibility in WIndows Server 2012 - a new way with APIs

Ian Murphy

The move away from vendor lock-in has meant a new approach from Microsoft as it looks to make Server 2012 an extensible platform

Bitlocker set to bring encryption power to the enterprise

Ian Murphy

The beefed-up security functionality in Windows 8 and Server 2012 should delight sysadmins

How modern is your data centre?

Is your data centre keeping pace with modern developments? Take our personalised test and find out

Windows Server 2012: helping you recover after system failure

A big admin headache is restoring systems after failure. Windows Server 2012 offers a lot of ways to help

File Services: a new approach in Windows Server 2012

Ian Murphy

Within Windows Server 2012, a new range of files services offers improved functionality and a range of features for sysadmins

Network administration in Windows Server 2012

Ian Murphy

Network administrators are being offered a number of new features to make it easier to provision Windows Server 2012

PowerShell: productivity gains for Windows Server sysadmins

Thomas Lee

PowerShell provides scripting processes for administrators to automate routines and improve performance

Application and programme symmetry in Windows Server 2012

Ian Murphy

By implementing a new development platform, Microsoft offers a smarter way to support multiple devices

Removing and adding the Windows Server 2012 GUI

Ian Murphy

A new way of handling the GUI for Windows Server 2012 means vital resources can be saved

Top 10 business reasons to move to the cloud

Maxwell Cooter

The move to cloud computing is not just about improving the underlying technology, there are compelling business reasons too

DHCP Guard

Ian Murphy

With DHCP Guard, Microsoft has introduced a new way to look at security within virtual environments